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Faqs and dental hygiene tips

1. What is dental caries?
Ans dental caries is an irreversible decay caused by certain microorganism by its combined action on food and teeth

2.When should I consult a dentist?
Ans its best  to consult with a dentist every six months or atleast a year. Its your decision to consult or not and the benefit is always yours

3.Do every dental treatment  cause pain?
Ans not every dental treatment is painful. We can assure you that 99% of our treatments are made as painless as possible .most of the time the pain mainly arises out of patient apprehension and prejudice .

4. Dental treatment cost you like nothing ,is that true?
Ans no its not true at all. The term dental treatment refers to a multitude of procedures and each procedure has its own cost depending on chairtime material cost lab charges etc. our aim is to provide the best of the dental treatment at an affordable cost

5. Do the dental treatment such as scaling filling cause harm for the tooth?
Ans .absolutely not .they wont do any harm for your teeth instead they save your teeth

6. Is it possible to replace the missing teethwith the same effect as natural tooth?
Ans.with the advancement of dental technology its possible to replace the missing tooth and in no way it differs from your natural teeth Treatments like implants help us serve you better

7. All the teeth in children are milk teeth and get replaced by permanent teeth?
Ans.this is not true .children has got three sets of dentition
Milk teeth dentition
Mixed  dentition
Permanent eeth dentition

Upto five years of age normally has milk teeth but following, the permanent teeth erupt. Most often parents mistook this as milk tooth and don’t care much for them in a feeling they get replaced later .but the teeth of children should be given prior importance because it can play a pivotal role in child s healthy growth both physically and mentally

8.Whats that heavy noise in the clinic that’s very frightening?
Ans.the noise which is present during dental treatment comes from a motor which drives the chair and instruments.its just a noise and you don’t need to worry about it.

9.What is root canal treatment and what is the need of saving a tooth from extraction?
Ans.root canal is a treatment modality to save irreversibly damaged toot by cleaning and sterilizing the root canals which are small pathways iside the tooth where the living tissue is located. By doin rct we can actually save a tooth from extraction .each tooth is very important in order to prevent future complications such as difficulty in chewing ,loss of opposing tooth. tooth migration etc.

10.What is the purpose of surgical extractions and are they  risky?
Ans. Each and every tooth differs from other in its own way. Extraction techniques differ dependind on the tooth an so when we do the extraction of the wisdom teeth and upper molars it will be difficult to normally pull out the tooth. so depending on the tooth position and status some amount of bone trimming may be n ecessary the extraction easier and this is not risky at all. In diabetic and hypertensive patients with extra caution we can carry out these procedures with out any risk.

Dental hygiene tips

  • Brush twice daily
  • Mouth wash after you get up from sleep
  • Brush after the breakfast in morning
  • Brush after dinner at night
  • Floss daily before brushing
  • Use proper brushing technique
  • Don’t use excessive force to brush
  • Brush out your tongue or use a tongue cleaner
  • Avoid tobacco and tobacco added products
  • Rinse mouth after each food
  • Visit a dentist every six months
  • Extra care after 40 years of age
  • Extra care for diabetics