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Shoranur Palakkad

Our Services

Gum dentistry
Child dentistry
Surgical dentistry
Esthetics and corrective

Restorative - Deals with treatment of dental condition by conserving the tooth

Treatment box- fillings ,root canal, post and core
Our clinic is mercury free and we do only tooth coloured fillings

Gum dentistry— Deals with the treatment of gum diseases

Treatment box-oral prophylaxis, gum surgery, curettage
We have specialized treatments for bad breath which is trouble some for a majority of people in India

Child dentistry—Deals with the treatment of dental conditions of kids
Treatment box—preventive—flouride application, pit and fissure sealant

Interceptive—treatment for the prevention of development of protrusion etc—space maintainers


Pulpotomy and pulpectomy

Surgical dentistry—deals with the surgical treatments for oral diseases

Treatment box—extractions,surgical extractions ,minor surgeries, biopsy

Orthodontics—deals with the correction of malaligned teeth

Treatment box—interceptive orthodontics,corrective orthodontics ,esthetica

Esthetic and corrective dentistry—deals with the correction of esthetic dental conditions and enhancement ofesthesis

Treatment box—teeth whitening, lumineers and veneers, smile design, midline diastemma space or gap correction, dental jewellary

Prosthodontia—deals with replacement of missing teeth and oral structures

Treatment box –complete dentures removable partial dentures, fixed partial dentures, implant dentures,implant supported fpds